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Save Poulan Pro PR827ES 27-Inch 205cc Gas Powered 2-Stage Snow Thrower With Electric Start (Non-CARB

Poulan Pro PR827ES 27-Inch 205cc Gas Powered 2-Stage Snow Thrower With Electric Start (Non-CARB Compliant) #961920030

Product Description
Make short work of snow-covered driveways, sidewalks, patios and more! The PR8527ES is powered by an 8.5 HP Tecumseh Snow King engine that's ready to take on anything winter throws at you. Easy assembly. U.S.A.

  • 27-Inch two stage snow thrower
  • Electric start
  • Loop style
  • Chain speed drive
  • 23-Inch intake height

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Work great
I was a little skeptical about the brand because I have heard mediocre reports about Poulan's other power tools. But, this thing works really well and has a ton of features for the price. Yes, the speed control could be a little more refined, but once I get it where I want it I have little reason to change it very often so it doesn't bother me much. Suprisingly, I find the headlight to be a nice feature- I thought that seemed a little gratuitous at first. Can't comment on the machine's longevity, but I'm hopeful.

FYI- Most of the things Johnny O complained about in his 1 star review (the only review under 4 stars as of this review) are not true for my machine including: there is a control lever for both the discharge rotation and deflector angle, no 'wheelie' problem (althought that seems like a stretch to call a problem IMHO), it does have one hand control of both the drive and auger, the control levers are VERY easy to move (I am wondering if Johnny realizes that you need to press them in lightly to unlock them and allow them to move???). Yes it is loud. It is an 8HP snow blower! It does not strike me as louder or having more vibration than any of the several other brands I have used over the years.

Great machine!
Just set it up yesterday night. Took me approx. 60 min to assemble. Pretty much straight forward. Then the moment of truth: Put gas in, connected the extension cord, choke to full, and pushed the electric start button. The engine came alive immediately. Choke to off, and it was ready to go. Spent an hour plowing my driveway and sidewalk. Was late at night, so the flood light worked a treat. Overall I am very happy with it. Of course, it is heavy, so turns can be a little bit cumbersome, but all in all: Great quality and easy to operate. LOVE the remote chute control (i.e., throw orientation and throw angle). Motor seems to be strong enough, even for the wet, icy and compacted snow I plowed yesterday. You just need to go slowly enough. One thing though: I wonder whether I should have gone with the PR1030ES model (30 in collector, power steering and bigger engine). Nevertheless, I love mine. Amazon had ground delivery incl. basic indoor delivery included and a truck with a lift gate pre-approved. VERY NICE! Pile it on!

A good solid machine
Not much that I can say bad about this machine. One down side is that the speed control lever is designed such that it is difficult to get the correct speeds every time - takes some getting used to and even then is a challenge. It is also not very easy to manuever - wish it had power steering, but once you get used the machine it's manageable. I wish the snow chute would adjust in smaller increments. Moving the snow chute from the operators control (instead of a hand crank) is really nice though.

Strong points: This machine goes through the heavy snow very well. It does a great job scraping even if the snow has melted and refrozen - I was very impressed as my older snowblower didn't even come close to the performance of this machine. It goes through the heavy snow really well, though the really wet stuff does require a slow speed and smaller cuts as you would expect. Very good traction. No need for chains on this machine since the weight seems well balanced on the rear wheels (can cause the front to jump a bit on the bumps though).

I would recommend this machine and buy it again.

Works great right out of the crate!
It was delivered off the truck and moved up my driveway (125') from the street. While I was opening the crate a plow came by and put a 3' berm infront of my driveway.

I set the Poulan up, fired it up and went to work on the berm. Took about 20 minutes. There are 6 forward speeds which might be nice for a track meet but with heavy snow and ice the slowest speed works best. Otherwise it will climb over ice berms. We had over 7' of snow in three weeks. This new blower was delivered and other than one plowing of my driveway since then haven't had to use it. I'm looking forward to more snow:)

Set up was very easy, toughest part was cutting open the box on the crate. Directions are straight forward and all parts are easily identified and quick to set up.

The machine is great, customer service ???
My Snow blower arrived a bit late due to, of all things, no access to my house because of too much snow, but once unloaded and assembled it started up with the electric starter right away. For those not knowing, electric start on a snow blower does not mean that it has a battery and starts like a car. You plug an extension cord into the motor and push the start button on these things. Good for very cold mornings. You pull start to restart out in the snow, if necessary. The only problem was that the blower arrived missing the snow chute that shoots the snow off to the side. It was very difficult getting through to the right people at Poulan (Amazon said they couldn't help me, which made me a very unhappy customer), and they have promised to send out an urgent shipment of the replacement part, but its been quite a while and haven't seen the part, haven't seen any email notice of shipment, or even any acknowledgement that a replacement part is in process of order and shipment. If I ever get the snow chute, I will edit this and report on the machine's efficiency in moving snow. Physically, and engineering wise, the machine looks well designed, good manufacturing is apparent, and all the controls are in the right place and make this machine equivalent to some other brands that are much more expensive. Assembly is simple, and the manual is clear and easy to use.

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